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Oct 19 2014

Cassandra C. Jones from Colossal on Vimeo.

Cassandra C. Jones

Oct 10 2014

Reading & Homework for Oct 13th

1) Read Selections from Artist’s Joke edited by Jennifer Higgie on Titanium and bring your reading notes to class.

2) Project 3 has been posted on Titanium

3) Upload your jpeg files to the Project 2 folder on Dropbox if you haven’t already. Files should be labeled like this Orser_Julie_01.jpg and the images should be no longer than 2000 pixels on the longest side. 

4) Professional Photo Retouching (Assignment #3) is due. Upload unflattened .psd files to the Assignment 3 folder on Dropbox

5) Half of your blog entries are due, that includes one exhibition review. GO see some art this weekend if you haven’t yet.


Critique Schedule - Project 3 - Oct 27 & Oct 29

Oct 27

Matt, Andy, Kathleen, Kyla, Remington, Marco, Felicia, Juan, Kelly, Mir, Brandon

Oct 29

Leah, Allie, James, Shane, Christina, Caitlin, Phu, Cherry, Sean, Sami, Shine

Sep 23 2014

Reading & Homework for Sept 29th & Oct 1st

Read Something and Nothing by Charlotte Cotton in The Photograph as Contemporary Art book. Bring your notes to class on Sept 29th.

Shoot 20 images for Project 2 bring them to class on Sept 29th

Prepare your images for printing in class on Oct 1st


Critique Schedule - Project 2 - Oct 6 & Oct 8

Oct 6

Leah, Allie, James, Shane, Christina, Caitlin, Phu, Cherry, Sean, Sami, Shine

Oct 8

Matt, Andy, Kathleen, Kyla, Remington, Marco, Felicia, Juan, Kelly, Mir, Brandon

Sep 22 2014

Lecture by the Directors of Montalvo

The Chapman Art Department is pleased to announce a special lecture featuring the leaders of Montalvo Arts, an internationally renowned residency and cultural center in Saratoga, CA:

September 24th, 7-8pm, Argyros Forum room 201, Chapman University

Students and faculty in all areas of the arts -studio art, music, theater, dance, culinary arts, film, writing - are encouraged to attend this lecture!

Please join us for a special presentation from the leaders of the Montalvo Arts Center and Lucas Artists Residency Program. Angela McConnell( the director of Montalvo Arts), Sally Lucas (founder of LAP) and Kelly Sicat (director of LAP) will discuss Montalvo, a world renowned residency program for creative producers in all disciplines. 

This lecture is organized by Chapman Art Student Madeline Lucas, granddaughter of Sally and Don Lucas, who are both extremely involved in arts and education in Norther California. In 2004, they Lucas’ opened the Lucas Artists Residency on the historic grounds of Montalvo Arts Center in Saratoga, CA (just south of San Francisco). The center is renown for its one-of-a-kind setting, facilities and events— stressing the importance of education and practice for the arts.

The Montalvo Arts Center features the Residence, Events, Educational programs, and more.  

The program is unique in that it serves to provide studio space to artists of all disciplines, from all over the world.  Residencies run roughly 1-3 months and artists are housed in one of 10 gorgeous, serene studios. In addition, it is one of the first programs to establish a culinary residence.

Montalvo is a creative center that accommodates all genres and disciplines and ages (kids to elderly) and is home to performances, camps, artist studios, a sculpture garden, and 175 acres of land. It is open 7 days a week to the public, free of charge, for visits, events, hiking etc.  There is also a small indoor theatre for 200 and an outdoor garden theatre for 1200.

Come hear about how the Montalvo Arts Center was started, how it is run, which amazing artists are currently in residence, and how many cultural programs are generated at this magical place!

The lecture is free and open to the public. Faculty and students from all departments are encouraged to attend, to meet the speakers, and hear about what it takes to be a Montalvo Fellow. 

You can buy a visitor permit for $2 or $3

Parking Map:

If you park in the Lastinger Structure, it will be the closest to Argyros Forum. 

Chapman Campus Map (Argyros Forum is building #1):

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Sep 21 2014

Critique Schedule - Project 1 - Sept 22 & Sept 24


Sept 22

Matt, Andy, Kathleen, Kyla, Remington, Katherine, Marco, Felicia, Juan, Kelly, Mir

Sept 24

Leah, Ali, James, Shane, Christina, Caitlin, Brandon, Phu, Cherry, Sean, Sami, Shine

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Sep 08 2014


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